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Land of Tradition and Innovation

The Heart of Sicily Beating

In the vineyards of Corleone, we explore the nobility of Merlot and the characters of Nero d’Avola, Cataratto and Insolia/Viognier, creating wines that reflect the strength and authenticity of this land. From here come our Merlot, Nero d’Avola BIO and Cataratto from the Femina line, Insolia/Viognier from the Morgentino line and


Corleone’s soils are characterized by a combination of clay, limestone and marine sediments, contributing to the richness and complexity of our wines.


Between 200 and 400 meters above sea level, the vines benefit from a moderate Mediterranean climate.

Exposure to the Sun

Exposure varies according to specific plots, ensuring uniform ripening and a well-balanced flavor profile.

Climatic Influences

Breezes from the sea mitigate summer temperatures, preserving the grapes’ natural acidity.

Estate wines


Merlot harmony in the lands of Corleone.

Femina Nero d’Avola Organic

Organic Nero d’Avola that enchants the palate.

Femina Catarratto

The freshness of Cataratto in a bottle that tells the story of Corleone.

Morgentino Insolia/Viognier

The uniqueness of Insolia and the refinement of Viognier in a compelling wine.’s signature Corleone fizz.

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